Lego Men Drown in Oil in Greenpeace Campaign

Lego Men Drown in Oil in Greenpeace Campaign

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The latest instalment in Greenpeace's 'Save the Arctic' campaign shows Lego men succumbing to overpowering oil.


Thought Lego Men emblazoned with the Shell logo were just poor little fellas trying to earn a crust pumping gas? Think again.

Greenpeace is campaigning against the partnership between Lego and Shell launching a disturbing video of an idyllic Lego arctic scene drowning in oil.

Set to the song in the Lego movie ‘Everything is awesome’ the clip shows how everything is NOT awesome, with distraught Lego faces, polar bears climbing up icebergs to escape the oil and fishermen being pulled under.

On the organisation’s ‘Save the Arctic’ website, Greenpeace writes: “As part of the co-promotion, Lego has branded Shell’s logo on a special set of its toys. By placing its logo in the hands of millions of children, Shell is building brand loyalty with the next generation of consumers. Shell has launched an invasion of children’s playrooms in order to prop up its public image, while threatening the Arctic with a deadly oil spill. We can’t let Shell get away with it.”

When the campaign launched on July 1, the CEO of the Lego Group, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, released a statement almost immediately.

“The Lego Group operates in a responsible manner and continually strives to live up to the motto of the company since 1932: ‘Only the best is good enough’.

We are determined to leave a positive impact on society and the planet that children will inherit. Our unique contribution is through inspiring and developing children by delivering creative play experiences all over the world.

A co-promotion contract like the one with Shell is one of many ways we are able to bring LEGO® bricks into the hands of more children.”

Check out the full story by Kerry Flynn from Forbes here.

The campaign seen traction on Twitter with the use of hashtag #BlockShell. Since the video’s launch, more than 167,000 people have watched it.

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