Lego Is More Valuable Than Gold: Report

UNDATED -- Undated handout photo from THE LEGO MOVIE. HANDOUT: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

A report UK publication The Telegraph has found over the past 15 years, the average Lego brick set has increased in value by 12 per cent giving a much better return than traditional investments like gold, the stock market or bank accounts.

The report found Lego sets kept in pristine condition have increased in value 12 per cent each year since 2000, on the other hand gold received a 9.6 per cent annual gain over the past decade and a half.

Modern Lego sets are performing even more strongly, with those released last year already selling on eBay for 36 per cent more than their original price. The most popular type of Lego is Star Wars themed, accounting for 10 of the 20 most expensive sets.

The largest percentage rise in price for any Lego set has been the 2007 hotel box set “Cafe Corner”. The set, which has 2,056 pieces, originally sold for £89.99 (AUD$184), since it went out of production it has risen to £2,096 (AUD$4,290) – a return for investors of 2,230 per cent.

Ed Maciorowski, founder of Lego investing website, told The Telegraph “The neat thing is that all sets are retired at some point, and several hundred are retired each year a movie run ends, a licence expires or the Lego company wants to refresh its range.

“That means anyone with a set at home – large or small, it doesn’t matter – could have quite an investment on their hands if it’s in good condition, as this stuff appreciates very well in value.

“Lego investing is not hitting bubble-like status. That is partly because the Lego company doesn’t promote the secondary market, it wants to sell direct to customers.”

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