“Did You Learn Nothing From Rebel Wilson?” Woman’s Day In More Strife!

“Did You Learn Nothing From Rebel Wilson?” Woman’s Day In More Strife!

Fresh from its punishing Rebel Wilson defamation case that could see it have to cough-up a payout in the many millions, Bauer’s Woman’s Day has again been caught out fabricating its articles.

In another case that must be testing Bauer bosses and lawyers alike, Seven TV personality Johanna Griggs is the latest to slam the gossip mag for publishing baseless stories.


It follows on from threats last week by Hollywood actor, Russell Crowe, to sue the magazine for “lies” in its “shit filled pages” following an article that he was in a relationship with 22-year-old actress Sophia Forrest (daughter of “Twiggy”).

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In the latest issue of Woman’s Day, there appears to be a first-person interview with Griggs who claims her “sixth sense” about a lump in her husband’s throat that, left untreated, may have killed him in his sleep. You can read the full interview here.

The article said Griggs’ “world was collapsing” and she faced the “very real possibility” her husband would die.

Griggs is a Channel Seven personality and Bauer mags have had a long history of taking pot shots at Seven namely because its arch-rival is the Seven West Media-owned New Idea. Griggs has denied ever speaking to the magazine saying the article “is filled with more errors than I thought could be possible”.

In a lengthy rebuke via Instagram, Griggs has called out the magazine for simply making stuff up and insinuating they’d interviewed her for the piece when they hadn’t.

“Oh @womansdayaus Did you not learn anything from @rebelwilson smashing you in court? Or even from me calling you out previously for taking a lot of poetic license with your articles. I see you’ve excelled with your creative writing yet again this week … which as usual is filled with more errors than I thought could be possible,” Griggs wrote.

Griggs denied having a “sixth sense”, saving her husband’s life, and played down the gravity of her husband’s illness confirming he had had an operation, however, far from “being called ‘The Bravest Man in the World” (as per the magazine’s cover line) Griggs suggested its journalists should “stop over dramatising things for us.”

It’s not the first time Griggs has slammed Woman’s Day either. Last month the magazine wrote an article that suggested the host of House Rules was “crumbling” over her exhaustive hosting duties. To which Griggs responded: “Hey @womansdayaus I see you are at it again, writing bollocks … It takes a lot to make me snap … and possibly the closest I’ve ever got is the frustration I feel when I read such rubbish.”

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