Laughter Is The Greatest Form Of Advertising

Laughter Is The Greatest Form Of Advertising

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Comedy is where it's at.


What is a pirate’s favorite piece of marketing content?

A webinAAAAR!

…So maybe all of us weren’t born with an aptitude for comedy. But we all know through personal experiences that humor is a great way to build lasting connections. That’s why some of the world’s largest companies are catching on and using laughter as a medium in their campaigns.

Brands like Acura, Google, Proctor & Gamble, and Old Navy are creating a digital buzz with social campaigns consisting of short, funny videos. These videos bring in millions of views and spark up some interesting conversations on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Several big name comedians have found themselves in demand and have landed positions as brand ambassadors or spokespeople for Fortune 500 businesses, nonprofits, and even the government.

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