Labor ad opens for 'Worst election ad ever'

Labor ad opens for 'Worst election ad ever'

Seriously, will the people booking the Liberal and Labor party ads check what they’re going up on?

Last week The Networker pointed out how the Liberals had bought pre-roll ad space in front of a Sydney Morning Herald story about a Labor attack ad on “Rudd’s internet”.

Today’s latest blooper comes from the Labor ranks themselves. This time they’ve posted an attack ad on Tony Abbott on a spoof ad by comedian Josh Wade called “Worst Election Ad Ever”.

The video features Wade’s spoof Straya Party, and features him making an election pledge to legalise Cannabis, saying “You don’t think Kevin’s ever had some wacky tobaccy? And Tony, he looks like he’s on the shit 24-7”.

Other election pledges include scrapping the baby bonus for five months worth of goon bags, bringing Colleen from Home and Away back onto TV screens, and “I won’t be a fuckwit like everyone else in Canberra”.

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