LA-Based Fashion Brand Turns Drug Lord’s Misfortune Into Sales Boon

LA-Based Fashion Brand Turns Drug Lord’s Misfortune Into Sales Boon

Forget celebrities – the list of the world’s most wanted is the best way to market your products apparently, and in this case it’s a matter of one man’s loss is another man’s gain.

LA-based shirtmaker Barabas has been inundated with interest for one ‘Fantasy’ model shirt, after prison escapee and head of the Sinaloa drug cartel Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera — better known as El Chapo – was snapped wearing it.

After El Chapo was captured by Mexican authorities on Friday, it was revealed that he had met with actor Sean Penn for an interview Rolling Stone.

The photo that was snapped during this meeting saw El Chapo sporting a bright striped shirt, later pinned by TMZ to Barabas.

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Retailing for $128, a store manager told TMZ that sales for the shirt went bananas after the Rolling Stone photo was released, with the website also crashing under the amount of people trying to purchase the shirt online.

The website has since been fixed, and now features the Rolling Stone image of El Chapo and Sean Penn with the text, ‘Most Wanted Shirt’, along with Barabas’ Facebook showing stacks of images of the drug lord in the Fantasty shirt, as well as in another of the retailer’s shirts called ‘Crazy Paisley’.

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According to the website’s copy, the striped shirt has “an Abstract Design throughout the entire Shirt that makes it Dynamic and stand out against the Bright Colour”, leaving us to wonder why one of the most wanted drug lords would want a shirt designed for standing out when trying to evade capture.

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