Kyle Sandilands: “I Don’t Give A F@ck” If ‘Trial By Kyle’ Works Or Not

Kyle Sandilands: “I Don’t Give A F@ck” If ‘Trial By Kyle’ Works Or Not

Radio host and provocateur Kyle Sandilands appears to have doubts about his new show on Ten – the Judge Judy spin-off Trial By Kyle – saying he “doesn’t give a fuck” if the program works or not before adding that his only motivation was “money and fame”.

The pilot for the new show is part of Ten’s “pilot week” where the network will air one episode of eight potential new shows for 2019 and only those that get a good audience reaction – be it viewer numbers or social – will be picked up.

But it appears Sandilands is none to bothered if Trial By Kyle – which he owns the rights to – is green-lighted by Ten chiefs.

“I think everyone hopes it will go (ahead) but I also don’t give a fuck if it doesn’t,” Sandilands told “I’m not going to cry and be on Xanax or anything. I don’t care.”

Sandilands revealed that two episodes to the show had been filmed and will co-star The Bachelor winner, Anna Heinrich, who also happens to be a criminal lawyer as Sandilands’ offsider.

The 47-year-old Sandilands described the new show as “just like Judge Judy but it’s me instead of Judy”.

He also told News that if Ten didn’t pick up the show he was already fielding offers from rival networks.

“I got the international rights and people are already interested in buying it,” he said. “So that’s my only interest. I’m only motivated by money and fame.”

Trial By Kyle is scheduled to air next Thursday on Ten at 8.30pm.

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