KOJO launches new CGI automotive content

KOJO launches new CGI automotive content

KOJO, the integrated storytelling business, is challenging and redefining the way car ads are produced.  

In keeping with its focus of telling stories like no other, KOJO has broken ground in the digital effects realm, creating computer generated automotive content for Mazda Australia’s Mazda 2.

“Taking a proactive approach, KOJO found a new way to produce high-quality car sequences quickly and cost-effectively for Melbourne agency CHE Proximity and their client Mazda,” Dale Roberts, CEO of KOJO, said.

Roberts notes how many car ads often require large film crews and can incur many high travel costs.

“Showcasing CHE Proximity’s client, KOJO has created a new way for creative agencies and their clients to use any vehicles in any setting, and at any time of year, with full creative and technical control,” Roberts said.

“The end result is stunningly high-quality but also cost effective and fully changeable.”

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