Koala’s “Boomer Blocker” Initiative Enrages The Elderly Via Thinkerbell

Koala’s “Boomer Blocker” Initiative Enrages The Elderly Via Thinkerbell
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Australian furniture brand, Koala, launched an Australian-first initiative in which it offered to pay the rent or mortgage of one lucky Aussie for an entire year, to help them live like a Boomer. To stop the privileged boomers from entering, Koala launched the ‘Boomer Blocker’.

All Australians had to do was visit boomerblocker.com and enter their details for a chance to win some much deserved financial freedom. There was however a small catch for those 58 and above.

While many Australians battle soaring cost of living, job insecurity, low wage growth, high rental prices and interest rates, there are a lucky few in the baby boomer generation enjoying appreciating assets, secure mortgages and living the good life.

As such, in a bid to stop the golden generation from claiming any more good deals, Koala included a cheeky, ‘Boomer Blocker’.

Using a clever system of youthful references and prompts, the Boomer Blocker quizzed applicants on everything from Brangelina, to planking, ‘swag’, emojis and more, ensuring Australia’s youth could get a head start on the application process.

Rory Costello, Koala chief commercial officer, said; “Koala’s promise to Australians is to make the good living more gettable, by offering premium furniture options at affordable prices.

At a time when premium furniture is usually reserved for boomers and their big wallets, we wanted to give Millennials, Gen Z’ers and everyone in-between, the opportunity to have their rent or mortgage paid for an entire year, so they could use their cash for other luxuries that boomers enjoy daily. These efforts are simply a tongue-and-cheek love letter to the younger Aussie generation who we can all recognise are doing it tough in today’s economy.”

Paul Swann, executive chief tinker, said: “With over 30,000 entries received, we definitely captured the attention of Gen Z, Millennials and everyone in between. It was funny to read all the angry emails boomers sent to Koala too.”


Client: Koala

Creative & Earned: Thinkerbell

Website: LegRoom

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