Kmart Removes Jars Because Of Meth Pipe Similarity

Kmart Removes Jars Because Of Meth Pipe Similarity

A West Australian mum has attacked Kmart for selling a drink jar which looks very similar to drug paraphernalia used to smoke methamphetamine.

Kmart online was selling a “unique light bulb drink jars” which was described as a great addition to your tableware that can be used to serve drinks, beverages and more. The light bulb glass with a straw has a strong resemblance to homemade “crack pipe light bulbs”, used to consume drugs by users who don’t have access to meth pipes.

Complaints about the product were started by a mum from Bunbury, WA, whose son is a former ice addict: “Thousands and thousands of families in regional WA are being torn apart because of meth use. It is absolutely appalling that they are trying to make money out of something that is destroying lives. If it is just a way to be trendy then it’s completely inappropriate. People are dying. And to me that product is a direct reference to a meth-smoking device.”


Her complaint was posted on Facebook page: Ice in Bunbury: a mother’s nightmare which is a community page which aims to “support and education, help us tear down the walls of shame and the stigma that surrounds our children and loved one’s using Ice”.

A Kmart Australia spokeswoman told Kidspot the product had been removed. “Kmart Australia sold the drink jar as a novelty on-trend item for the intention only to be used as a drinking glass,” she said.

“We would never encourage the use of this item for anything else other than it being used as recommended and now that this situation has been highlighted to us we have removed the item from sale.”


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