Klick Communications Rebrands To KlickX

Klick Communications Rebrands To KlickX

Klick Communications has rebranded to ClickX with a new model, working practices and brand identity.

The consumer communications business has repositioned to drive strategy based solutions to clients’ business issues, over traditional integrated service delivery.

Through agile and collaborative working, KlickX will draw on industry expertise to address changing category dynamics, the business needs of clients and complex consumer behaviour.

KilckX founder and director Kim McKay (feature image) said: “We have built a successful agency brand in Australia and the US with a strong reputation around culture, innovation and expertise in the travel and lifestyle industries.

“But the way consumers and brands interact and how we attract and retain talent has changed significantly over the past ten years, meaning a new way of working is needed so we deliver the solutions clients are looking and the business remains fit for purpose.”

As part of the changes KlickX Sydney and Los Angeles staff will have the flexibility to choose where they work, which includes being based at client locations around the world.

The agency has also implemented a powerful AI cloud-based tool that delivers cutting edge emerging consumer trends and gathers leading insights to inform strategy, in addition to other communication tools to facilitate remote working, collaboration and efficiency.

A panel of senior industry experts in customer experience and innovation has also been curated, including marketing specialist Cameron Crowley, brand and business consultant Claire Hobson and former global head of social and content at Tourism Australia and consultant Jesse Desjardins, amongst others.

The highly experienced panel will provide strategic thinking for KlickX clients which include Taylors Wine, Smile Direct Club, Voyages, Santa Monica Travel & Tourism and Travel Alberta.

McKay added: “We identified that the shift in consumer, brand and employee behaviour was an opportunity to take a thorough look at how we operate in the best interest of our clients and team.

“This model is designed to embrace the future of work and position us as more than an implementation only, geographic-centric agency.

“Recruiting and retaining the best people shouldn’t be determined on where a person lives in an age where technology can bring us closer together than ever before.

“Not only is this good for employees, but it also enables us to offer our existing and potential clients the best thinking wherever in the world that may be. And we have supplemented that by building a panel of senior marketing communications specialist that we can draw on to bring their strategic insights when needed.”

The name change and the addition of the X recognises the variables that exist in any situation which can have the most significant impact on outcomes. In addition, it highlights the preparedness to continually evolve the model to reflect the changing business and consumer landscape.


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