Kids Pole-Dancing On Breakfast TV Shockingly Doesn’t Go Down Well With Public

Kids Pole-Dancing On Breakfast TV Shockingly Doesn’t Go Down Well With Public

It’s a tricky gig, this breakfast show thing, and it doesn’t always end well. We saw it with Sunrise’s Samantha Armytage and her team’s awkward SATC skit, and now we’re seeing it with British brekky program, This Morning.

The program made the interesting decision to air a segment called, ‘Is Pole Dancing Too Sexual For Children?’ and apparently, the answer is yes.

The show has been lambasted for its “grotesque sexualisation of children” by angry viewers, when they brought eight-year-old pole-dancing kids on the show with their coach Zoe Hardy, who said she started teaching ‘juniors’ as there was such demand.

Three kids, aged eight and 11, took to the pole to show off their moves, as proud parents watched on.

One of the dancer’s mothers, Lisa Grosse, told the brekky hosts that her eight-year-old Tilly-Mae (what a name) was picked on by other kids and was overweight until she jumped on the pole-wagon and started the pole fitness lessons.

“It’s fitness. There’s nothing provocative about it,” she said.

But taking the opposing position wsa child psychologist Emma Kenny who, per, added, “I don’t doubt for one minute that the girls keep fit from it, and I also don’t doubt that the moves we just saw there were more pole dancing than pole fitness.

Hosts Rylan Clark and Ruth Langsford look on.
Hosts Rylan Clark and Ruth Langsford look intrigued.

“I do think we are living in a culture that sexualises children, but embracing something that whether you like it or otherwise is an adult pastime … it involves very sexual moves.”

Twitter seemed unappreciative of the art:

But it’s not the first time the show has made headlines for less than positive reasons. Remember when hosts Holly Wiloughby and Phillip Schofield rocked up to host the show absolutely wankered?

Yeah, no one ever said this gig was easy…


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