TV Cameras Catch Kid Doing ‘The Worm’ At Trump Rally, Internet Falls Over Itself!

TV Cameras Catch Kid Doing ‘The Worm’ At Trump Rally, Internet Falls Over Itself!

Most Trump rallies come with similar themes – walls, denials and mud-slinging.

However, a Presidential rally in Louisiana yesterday got more social media interest than most after a young boy was spotted performing the “worm” behind a TV news journalist.

CNN newshound Jim Acosta was preparing for his bulletin when the young lad appears from nowhere above his right shoulder with his invertebrate-esque performance.

Check out the action below:

It’s unclear if the young boy knew the TV cameras were rolling or it just happened to be one of those off-the-cuff moments.

Regardless, the footage soon went viral and appeared to be particularly enjoyed by the Trump haters. Check out some of the choicest Twitter reactions below:

“That was Donald Trump’s ‘spirit animal'”.

“Is that Donald Jr.?”

“We should have a break dancing battle to determine the next President!”

“What, something cool happened at a Trump rally? Damn, it’s like Haley’s Comet.”

“This wins the internet today.”

“It was the only entertaining thing at the Trump hate rally.”

“Even though I don’t agree with bringing children to Trump hate rallies, memories of my son and his friends doing that when they were that age did make me smile.”

“I guess there really are fine people on both sides.”

“Killer dance moves at a trump rally is not something I was prepared to see LMAO.”

“My oldest daughter used to do that when I got mad at her, seriously how can you stay mad when your kids to funny.”

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