Khemistry’s New N3TWORK Ads Defeat Powerful Bosses

Khemistry’s New N3TWORK Ads Defeat Powerful Bosses

San Francisco-based mobile game company N3TWORK, has hired Brisbane-based GrowthOps business, Khemistry to increase the audience size of Legendary: Game of Heroes through two new advertisements.

This is the third body of work Khemistry has created for N3TWORK’s mobile game, Legendary: Game of Heroes.

N3TWORK’s Julliant Peng said: “To go to battle in the very competitive mobile game market, we needed to find new ways to stand out from the crowd.

“Khemistry took on this challenge and did an excellent job helping us meet our goal with very creative ideas and impeccable execution.”

In Legendary: Game of Heroes, you can collect hundreds of heroes, power them up, build custom teams and join guilds to defeat powerful bosses.

The game can be downloaded from the Australian App and Google Play Stores.

The two new ads created and produced by Khemistry, as both 20 second and 30 second spots, focus separately on the ‘epic-ness’ of the game.

Set in a toilet cubicle, the first ad asks players to “take the throne and feel the power as you destroy demons,” while the second ad features a complex handshake with players called to “make epic combos for extra power to defeat and conquer bosses.”

Khemistry general manager Priscilla Jeha said: “Although most would prefer not to admit it, people often take their phones with them to the toilet.

“This gave us a brilliant and humorous environment to highlight the epic-ness of the Legendary game played on the throne.

“Strangers working together in an over the top way, as seen in the handshake choreography of the ‘Guild Shake,’ highlights the fantastic in-game credits available from collaboration,” she added.

The new ads are appearing globally on TV and digital platforms, in a staggered release, with ‘Guild Shake’ launching today.

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