Kate, Tim & Joel On One Year Of Making Feel-Good Radio For Nova

Kate, Tim & Joel On One Year Of Making Feel-Good Radio For Nova

Kate, Tim & Joel, the Nova Network drive show, has found its feet by offering listeners respite from the pandemic news, and creating feel-good content, a bunch of mates in your ears.

The show is hosted by respected personalities, Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell and comedian Joel Creasey. Creasey, who has been a fixture in Australian media, but is new to radio, has just celebrated one year on the show. Meanwhile, Blackwell has just celebrated 20 years with the Nova Network.

While they may sound like old friends on-air, the lineup is new. Creasey famously replaced radio legend Marty Sheargold, who had been co-hosting the drive show since 2014, but shocked everyone when he announced he was leaving last year.

A host shake-up is always a huge thing for a radio show, but Creasey is so different to Sheargold it feels more like a redirection than a replacement.

Before the pandemic, Creasey was always touring and splitting his time between the United States and Melbourne, so a Sydney Radio drive show, wasn’t exactly on the cards, Creasey told B&T, “It wasn’t on my Oprah vision board, but when I got the call, I was like absolutely.”

While the transition, didn’t feel exactly seamless for Creasey, he got his head around it pretty quickly,  “In the first few weeks, I stressed over the show so much. I used to come home, and really stress about things, and now I’ve realised, you wake up every day and it’s a brand new show, no one cares nearly as much as you do,” Creasey explained. 

Perhaps Creasey’s early day nerves stemmed from his belief, that, “When I meet someone, I assume they hate me, and I work from there.” However, Creasey is chronically likeable. hence the successful standup career and has been helping cement the show in the competitive drive market. 

Blackwell told B&T, the choice for Creasey to join the show was simple, “Joel and I have known each other for a long time. We were always very good socially, when it kind of came to the decision, Joel was always one of the best guests a radio show could have, always so prepared and funny. Based on knowing him socially and being a great guest, it was a no brainer.”

The show has also set itself apart by staying away from pandemic news and embracing the silly and pop culture. Creasey said: “We are not a show to come to if you want anything intellectual or news, but I like that. People need the relief.”

Blackwell shares a similar outlook, “I’ve been doing drive for ten years now. If you are really into the news and everything you know where to find it. But by 3 o clock, you’ve heard all the case numbers. It’s been refreshing for us to not have to talk about it” 

Blackwell has also been pleasantly chuffed with how easily Creasey has fit in with the team. “The shows really found its feet a lot earlier than I thought. That kind of ease of chatting between the three of us, we weren’t surprised but we are wrapped!” 

Creasey even plans to relocate to Sydney, when restrictions allow it, to spend more time in the studio with both Ritchie and Backwell. 

In terms of ratings both Creasey and Blackwell are pleased with how the show is faring in a pandemic. While the show didn’t snag a number one spot in Sydney or Melbourne, in the latest radio results, it landed number one in Perth and Brisbane. 

Blackwell said: “The great thing about being on a national show is if you have a bad result in one market, there will be another market that makes you feel better.

“Our audience has stuck with us for the most part, but in the biggest markets – Sydney and Melbourne – (the pandemic) has affected the show, it’s also just nice to be on air. Radio is consumed in a different way, now not everyone is in a car stuck bumper to bumper, but I’m optimistic we will be out of lockdown soon enough.”

Ritchie said, “Who would have thought time could fly during a year spent in and out of lockdown? Well, thankfully it has and must be, in part, credited to the addition of the wonderful Joel Creasey to our show last September.

“His energy is contagious and despite his dulcet tones putting mine to shame, I have enjoyed every minute in the Nova studio with him.”

Perhaps the proof is in the pudding. All three hosts earned nominations in the annual Radio Awards

Blackwell added: “We never walk away from our show at 6 feeling down in the dumps,” and neither do their listeners.

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