The Kardashian Method of Content Marketing

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Content marketing manager for Scott's Marketplace and keen blogger Shannon Willoby finds four ways the Kardashians have taught us about how to do content marketing,


They might take more duck-face selfies in one day than most would in a lifetime, but you’ve got to hand it to those Kardashians… they sure know how to build a brand.

Regardless of how many scandals they’ve been in, how often they’re ridiculed in the news, or how much criticism follows their every move, they’ve managed to keep fans coming back for more year after year.

So just what is it about those Kardashians that makes them so, uhm, sticky?

Slightly crass references to sex tapes aside, the reality-TV-show-loving family can teach us a thing or two about how to keep our target audiences returning on the regular, since it’s something they do on the daily.

Enter: The Kardashian Method of Content Marketing, patent pending.

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