Julie Bishop Talks About Her ‘Me Time’ In Latest Edition Of Vogue

Julie Bishop Talks About Her ‘Me Time’ In Latest Edition Of Vogue

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop ­features in the latest issue of Vogue Australia. The deputy Liberal leader talks about her love of running, her family and gender.

During the photo shoot, Bishop wears a Balenciaga blouse, Armani pants and blazer and ­Giuseppe Zanotti Design shoes. 8a6bb0a760312198a18b4668e7f70233

On running:

“There are lots of benefits from it, obviously keeping mind and body active is important, but it’s also ‘me time’.

“I spend a lot of time thinking about that day, that week, the ­issues I have to deal with — there’s certain clarity of thought that comes with exercising outside. And when I’m running overseas it gives me an opportunity to see a city.”

On family:

“We all need people around to provide support and a hug and tell you things are okay, and I’m no different from everybody else in that regard, and family is obviously very important.”

On gender:

“As I often say, I’ve never been a man in this position, how do I compare?,” she says. “I see myself as a parliamentarian and a minister, I have a job to do and I put all that I have into doing it, so being a woman doesn’t play a role in that.

“But I’m proud of the fact that I’m the first female foreign minister.”


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