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20 August, 2020


We’re on the hunt for a Digital Strategist that will blow our minds. Specialising in social and content, you’ll be bilingual in data and creativity, to help deliver highly creative integrated campaigns for some of Australia’s best clients.



The role

Where Account Service is often referred to as the voice of the client, any Strategist needs to be the voice of the consumer; you are inherently curious, ask the important questions, and never take a problem at face value. The Digital Strategist plays a pivotal role within the strategy department and broader agency, as our campaigns are largely social and digital centric.

The Digital Strategist is responsible for developing and presenting strategic recommendations for TABOO’s digitally led campaigns. You will be a pure blend of creative and data that will enable you to plan and feed into integrated campaigns. You need a finger on the pulse of the what’s happening in the world (both physical and virtual) and use this to gather and collate key insights and data that allows creative briefs and campaigns to be rooted in the truth. You will help bring digital-first thinking to campaigns to ensure channel and platform effectiveness. This is a hands-on role and you will be required to plan, implement, manage and report on all socially and digitally led campaigns, end-to-end.

Key reports

You will report directly into the Senior Strategist and sit within the Strategy team, that includes Strategy Director and Social Media Executive (the SME will report into you). You will also work alongside key account leads to support and drive the strategies relating to individual campaigns.

Core Job Responsibilities


  • Work with clients to develop effective and engaging digital and social strategies.
  • Development of campaign & channel plans and consumer journeys, with consideration and understanding of UX and CX.
  • Develop influencer recommendations, including an approach to sourcing, vetting and measurement.
  • Establish KPI’s and metrics up front and then track and report on these metrics.
  • Develop data and insight driven social and digital briefs that not only convey the critical information, but that give the creative teams the best chance of creating world-class work.
  • Post, manage and monitor all campaign content on all social channels – for clients and for Taboo.
  • Develop detailed and insightful reports on the effectiveness of digital campaigns (working in conjunction with SME).
  • Oversee and train SME across all social and digital campaigns to ensure the strategy is effectively and accurately executed.
  • Support and champion the creative development process to ensure a digital-first approach, including briefing and inspiring creative teams.
  • Keep up-to-date with digital landscape, platform updates, trends and best-in-class creative examples.
  • Consolidating and sharing monthly insights relevant to our industry/clients in formats that are easily digested for the agency and clients.
  • Maintain a detailed awareness of relevant market trends affecting their accounts, and developments in the wider advertising and communications industry.


  • Interrogate client briefs by challenging and asking questions.
  • Fully understand a client’s business objectives, target market and communications strategy.
  • Analyse and extract findings from historical data, consumer, brand and market research to support the preparation of brand communication strategies and creative briefs.
  • Develop insight-driven communications briefs that not only convey the critical information, but that give the creative teams the best chance of creating world-class work
  • Review work during internal reviews to ensure that the work is ‘on brief’ before presentation to client.


  • Lead and inspire those both with the Strategy department and wider agency (particularly creative teams).
  • Identify, develop and convert new business opportunities with existing and future agency clients – as well as make the most of all the briefs that come through the door.
  • Ensure the work being produced is effective and will achieve the clients’ business objectives.

Agency responsibilities

We believe our work and conduct should create a positive impact.

We ask that all members of our team conduct themselves in a way that contributes to the safety, wellbeing and happiness of Taboo’s stakeholders (including, but not limited to, the Taboo team, our ecological environment and the communities in which we work and reside).

We ask that all our employees comply with the following environmental practices:

  • Limit all air and road travel to what is strictly necessary (and log all your travel in the Taboo Travel Tracker)
  • Avoid, at all costs, to use single-use materials like take-away coffee cups or plastic bags – and take advantage of the reusable cups, tote bags and reusable bags we have on hand in the office
  • Never leave lights, air con, computers or monitors on when not in use – and report on the Energy Police form whenever someone else has left them on
  • Dispose of waste responsibly – that means cleaning food scraps from recyclable materials and disposing of them in the recycling bin; all non-recyclable material goes right next to it in the garbage bin
  • Partake in our Into the Grounds initiative and taking home coffee waste for regenerative use! Our goal is to eliminate the irresponsible disposal of all coffee waste.

We ask that all our employees comply with the following community service requirements:

  • You have 3 working days (22.8 hours) worth of Community Service Leave – take advantage of them! For us to reach our Community Service Head Hour goals, every employee must put in at least 17 hours of Community Service (see and add to the Learn things _ Do things for inspiration)
  • We are considerate of how we conduct ourselves in the office, with our clients, through our work, and with our audience and the broader community. We disapprove of any discriminatory or exclusive behaviour. This is outlined in more detail in our Code of Ethics.

Your compliance with the above will be reviewed during your annual performance review. Please see our Environmental Stewardship policy, our Community Service Leave policy in the HR Manual and our Code of Ethics should you have any questions.

Those who succeed:

  • Strong understanding in UX, consumer journey and role of channel.
  • Are passionate about advertising, communications, culture, ideas, business, especially digital and social.
  • Incredibly organised and can manage and optimise multiple campaigns at once – in a calm and positive manner.
  • Can work just as well autonomously as you can in a team.
  • Hustle and bring a strong work ethic.
  • Appreciate the beauty of spreadsheets.
  • Are up to date with new and emerging trends, technologies, sub-cultures and current affairs.
  • Are personable and work effectively with a variety of different people, getting the best out of everyone.
  • Are brilliant communicators, both written and verbally.
  • Are information distillers, finding clear and simple pathways out of complex situations.
  • Quickly gain respect of all that they work with, internally and externally, so that your opinions count.
  • Are commercially and creatively astute.
  • Decisive when necessary, to lead and inspire their team, agency, clients, and other external partners.
  • Are good at evaluating creative work; able to give and receive feedback to support its development.
  • Are compliant with our environmental and social impact behavioural standards.
  • 3-5 years experience
  • Media and/or creative agency experience, ideally full service.

In short:

  • Be curious, interested and up to date with what’s happening in the world.
  • Embrace your inner tech nerd and love of data.
  • Share your knowledge and expertise with others.
  • Remember that ultimately, we’re all here to make amazing work. Play your part.

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