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19 March, 2021

Creative Services Manager

The problem we are hiring you to solve is this: we have a small but growing design and marketing team and at the moment, briefs are coming from several stakeholders with little processes around them.

Job description

The problem we are hiring you to solve is this: we have a small but growing design and marketing team and at the moment, briefs are coming from several stakeholders with little processes around them. We are looking for someone to solve this problem and be the owner of how creative briefs come into our designers.

It is part design manager, studio manager, traffic manager, internal account manager, and brand guardian. All briefs come into you, you make sure they are A +++ quality briefs for our designers, allocated and managed through to on time and on brief output. As we plan on growing our team across the globe, our ideal person will have experience in setting up and managing distributed teams and ways of working across time zones that doesn’t mean everyone has to work 24/7.

This role does not encompass our product design team and is very much digital and social marketing focused, so we are also hoping you come with experience in producing social media content, new websites, custom themes and any internal design requirements.

As there are lots of different titles out there that could be great for this role so we will set the must-haves for this role early on:

  • Experience in setting up and managing design teams and processes across multiple time zones
  • Experience as the admin level user of cloud-based project and workflow tools
  • Not be named Nicky or Nicko (we also have another Nick, Nicolas and a Nicola so it’s really quite out of hand)
  • You need to be at just the right level of friendly to work with and firm enough to push back when required. Not too friendly that you can’t say no to anyone. Not too pushy that everyone is afraid to say no to you. Right in the middle. 5 out of 10. 24 degrees.

If you can tick those 4 boxes, we are off to a very good start.


Role responsibilities:

You will be the bridge between our marketing and social teams and designers to free up the marketers to do marketing and the designers, to design. You will make sure our processes are clear, understood, and followed by all. Make sure briefs are clear and detailed, entered, assigned, and moving through the studio on time.

We use tools like Asana, Slack, and Trello but it will be your responsibility to audit and refine the tools we use and processes we follow. If we are double handling and being bogged down somewhere, you’ll find ways to unbog us.

Where is this role-based:

Most of our design team is based in Melbourne and Sydney, so either of those would be a slight preference for some face-to-face time sometimes. But we are also a hybrid remote and in-office company so you could work remote in Australia. We already have staff spread across Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, Ireland, The US, Brazil and soon to be Indonesia.

With our plans to have a distributed team, this means this role probably won’t be 9-5pm. Not that we expect you to work 18 hour days but instead we call it mutual flexibility. If you need to do an early call with the US on Friday, we don’t expect you to still be working at 5pm. You’ll need a high level of autonomy and self-drive to get the work done when it needs doing but if you need a break or want that flexibility back, no problem. We measure on output and not hours clocked and understand everyone has life outside of work.

What is your company culture like?

While every company will say their culture is amazing, we think ours really is. Linktree’s company culture and values are based around collaboration, diversity, inclusion, and flexibility. Those are all nice words but to give you some more specific examples:

  • We are a family-friendly and flexible work environment with our team with a number of our team working hours around their school and home commitments.
  • We have several diversity and inclusion initiatives underway, including a D&I council, training for all staff on neurodiversity, Indigenous cultural awareness and the incorporation of a transgender inclusion policy.
  • Our team is diverse across age, gender, and race and we are very proud of that.
  • We are a mixed remote and in office way of working, even when COVID is behind us, we will be a mixed remote and in-office company
  • We prioritise our team’s mental health, with all employees have free access to &, including 1:1 coaching sessions from qualified psychologists or counselors.

The Linktree story…

We have grown quickly in 2020, from a team of 15 people to 60 and our userbase from 3 to 10 million with even more growth projected in 2021.

The Linktree journey begins in 2016 when co-founders Alex, Anthony and Nick were running a digital agency and using Instagram to make announcements about the artists they managed. Created as a side hustle to solve a simple problem, Linktree has well outgrown its roots, with over 10 million users worldwide, 28,000 new signups every day, and over 120 million unique views per month. Paired with rapid growth, Linktree has recently garnered much attention in the tech world, earning 4th place on Fast Company’s “10 most innovative social media companies of 2020”.

The Linktree audience is broad, spanning publications, artists, celebrities, fashion and beauty influencers, YouTube stars, sports teams and household brands, right the way through to individuals with a side hustle and micro-influencers.

Linktree subscribers include Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Pharrell, Jamie Oliver, HBO, Red Bull, Adult Swim, Patreon, Cara Delevingne, Comedy Central, Gordon Ramsay, Billabong…and many more!

Are you still reading? That’s exciting! Please apply or email your CV to and we will go from there.

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