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30 November, 2020

Business Development Director / Commercial Director, Agency

The role of the Business Development Director, Agency is to develop and grow our agency offering.

Your position is of considerable importance to the growth of the Misfits agency.

The business development director has to be a sales gun and commercially aware so as to capitalise on new and existing opportunities to generate revenue and profit for the agency.

It is expected that you have a ‘little black book’ of clients that you bring with and excellent relationships with varied brands.

The Misfits agency provides services to our impressive stable of clients, including but not limited to: creative services, marketing, strategy, social media management, media buying, content marketing, film production, event management and PR services.

We currently work across a number of verticals such as local  government organisations, finance, banking/tech clients, media, travel and tourism bodies.

We have a number of warm opportunities that you will be able to pick up and run with however a large portion of this role will be the development of  ‘cold’ leads and using our existing CRM to discover opportunities that the current team may have missed.

While your role is ultimately about making money, we operate in a small universe so ensuring your clients are provided with good value for their marketing dollars is imperative. You must always have a foot in both camps of maximising revenue and ensuring good outcomes for your clients.

Reporting is a crucial part of your role. You need to be able to articulate to the business owners and leaders the opportunities you see across the business and flag potential revenue shortfalls in a sufficiently timely manner to mitigate future losses and suggest alternative revenue making and cost saving initiatives.

You will need a minimum of three years in a similar role, having worked agency side for most of your career.

The Misfits Media Company is a small organisation and is built on an ethic of hard work and collaboration. We work as a team and you may find yourself stuffing gift bags, carrying signage, writing speech notes or conducting a sound check. Our work is varied and the opportunities vast. We are a company that sees beyond specifics and looks to encourage and reward can-do attitudes.

In 2020, The Misfits find ourselves having invested heavily in the business’ growth and in a good position to weather this current storm and come out of it aggressively seeking opportunities where others may be struggling with upheaval and disruption.

We have a strong balance sheet, cash on hand and a hunger for further investment and growth.

We have developed a strong culture of self-directed participation in the workplace and offer a high degree of flexibility. For that reason we have found we have been able to attract and retain quite a few young working mums who value being able to drop off/pick up kids and work from home at least one day a week (pre-pandemic of course).

We also offer employees a high degree of personal development and coaching. Above all we offer a fun and warm working environment.

So if you think you’ve got what it takes, please send us your CV and a covering letter to

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