Jewellery Brand Francesca Highlights Mother’s Day Stereotypes

Jewellery Brand Francesca Highlights Mother’s Day Stereotypes

    Australian jewellery brand Francesca have announced a six-part video series shining a light on some of the non-traditional journeys to motherhood to celebrate this Mother’s Day.

    The combinational video and blog series sees six women tell their stories of motherhood, hardships, love and growth, sharing some of the scenarios people don’t tend to think about on Mother’s Day.

    The series comes from sisters and co-owners of Francesca, Hannah and Rachel Vasicek, and features personalised jewellery pieces from Francesca’s locket and ‘Etch’ collections which allow customers to create their own piece of jewellery with the inclusion of photos and engraving.

    The series includes co-owner Hannah’s story of finding out while pregnant that her baby’s arm
    would be naturally amputated in utero and would be born with limb-difference.

    Then there’s Michelle, who was diagnosed with infertility after cancer treatment in her teens but later found out she was pregnant after a car accident many years later. She tragically miscarried, but the realisation that she could become pregnant motivated her to chase her dream of becoming a mother.

    Zaid, a recent refugee to Australia from Eritrea, spent seven years in a refugee camp in Uganda to make a safer life for her future family, while Abby struggled through eight years of IVF treatment on her journey to become
    pregnant with her daughter Remi.

    Renee is navigating Mother’s Day each year with a heavy heart, mourning the loss of her own mum who passed away when Renee was 15 years old, and Alana is raising two step-daughters and working out the relationship as a step-mum on Mother’s Day, as well as her own young biological daughter.

    Hannah and Rachel Vasicek explain the inspiration behind the campaign, “as a female led company with a majority of female staff members, we have seen it all – the ups, downs and challenges of becoming a mum. We know that everyone’s story is vastly different and it was really important for us to recognise the highs and the lows.”

    “We hope that this campaign sheds light on the reality of motherhood and that everyone feels included whether they are, or wanting to be a mother, this is an effort to make no one feel alone in their journey,” they continued.

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