Controversial Organ Donor Ad Channels The Life Of Brian’s Crucifixion

Controversial Organ Donor Ad Channels The Life Of Brian’s Crucifixion

A new ad encouraging Australians to consider organ donation is set to ruffle a few religious feathers for its humorous depiction of Jesus on the cross.

The ad for the pro-donation group Dying To Live depicts Jesus dying on the cross, with two guards asking if he has registered to donate his organs.

The ad showcases the hurdles Australians must clear in order to donate their organs, and promotes the message, “do what Jesus would do?” When Jesus signs the registry and informs his parents of his wish, the guards praise Jesus saying, “nailed it!”

The ad is part of a larger promotion for a film called Dying To Live that highlights the plight of the 1400 Australians on the organ donor list. The film hits cinemas nationally this month.

Dying to Live is made by Richard Todd, the filmmaker who brought national attention to the coal seam gas debate with Frackman, a film that documented a grassroots movement and led to massive change in attitudes nation-wide. Todd hopes a similar attitudinal change can occur with the release of his latest movie, which is challenging to view but also incredibly uplifting and empowering. 

“We, the Australian public, have it in our power to go from one of the lesser-performing transplant countries in the developed world to one of the best; what a wonderful Christmas present for Australians on the transplant list whose lives are often defined by uncertainty, pain and deteriorating quality,” Todd said. “Just imagine – if those 2,200 organs could be gifted before burial or cremation, we could obliterate the transplant waiting list almost immediately! If you have already signed up as a donor, or are keen to sign up, I implore you to take your closest relatives and friends to see this film so they can respect your choice around donation.”

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