Jeff Horn’s First Billboard Packs A Punch Thanks To Oxmar Properties & goa

Jeff Horn’s First Billboard Packs A Punch Thanks To Oxmar Properties & goa

A major sponsor of recently crowned WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn has furthered their support by turning to outdoor media to congratulate him on his outstanding win – this is Jeff Horn’s first solo billboard appearance.

To celebrate local Brisbane talent, Phil Murphy of Oxmar Properties purchased advertising on goa’s popular supersite on the A3 outbound – a major arterial leaving Brisbane – solely dedicated to the new WBO welterweight champion.

“Jeff has never been on a billboard before so I thought this would be a fantastic surprise for him when he returned from the ESPYS in America… we are all so proud of what he has achieved,” Phil said.

When asked about what he thought of being on the billboard, Jeff Horn said that people have been sending him photos of it but he was yet to see it in person. “I didn’t realise it was so big, it’s massive! It’s my first time on a billboard,” he said when he came face to face with his surprise.

When commenting on their ongoing partnership Phil said, “Jeff once said to me that if he could give up teaching then he’d win a world title, so I offered to support him financially enabling him to give up teaching and focus on boxing. Now, almost two years later, look at where he is.”

Phil Murphy and Oxmar Properties have been working with Jeff Horn as a major sponsor for nearly two years and aside from monetary sponsorship, Phil is also a massive Jeff Horn supporter. Phil has nurtured a number of Brisbane’s successful sporting talent for years and plays a large role in supporting community sporting programs.

The billboard is still up due to its popularity and is a firm reminder of Jeff’s incredible achievement and this partnership that has experienced a truly remarkable journey.

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