James Packer Unveils $97 Million Ad To Promote New Macau Casino

James Packer Unveils $97 Million Ad To Promote New Macau Casino

It’s the most expensive ad ever eclipsing Nicole Kidman’s famed Chanel N°5 (at $A42 million), the Martin Scorsese directed ‘short film’ The Audition to promote James Packer’s new Macau casino Studio City cost an estimated $US70 million ($97 million) to produce.

The Audition‘s stars, Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, who are thought to have banked a nice $US13 million each for the five day shoot. The short film promotes the casino resort, which was co-funded by Packer’s partner, Lawrence Ho, and costs and estimated AU$4.6 billion to complete.

De Niro, DiCaprio and Pitt play themselves in the short feature, the Hollywood stars are seen arriving at the Macau casino to audition for the same role in Scorsese’s latest film.

“The premise of this competition was very humorous for both of us because we’ve both done a lot of films with Mr Scorsese,” DiCaprio told a news conference during the Macau casino opening. “So what would it be like if we both showed up at this casino; we’re competing for the same role but we didn’t know it yet.”

“A short film is even tougher in a way because it has to be a film. It has to be not something that is a prologue to a bigger work, it has to be contained in of itself,” director Scorsese said.

“We all pulled together and we came up with these ideas … and we shot five days straight. We also tried to make it a heightened …, not biographical but reality-based with humor about ourselves.”

“Media is changing, YouTube is an example of short content, this really is the best 15 minutes of short content in the world,” James Packer said during the press conference. “It is the most famous marketing campaign in the world.”

 Packer’s latest partner Mariah Carey also made an appearance, performing four songs during the launch. Carey reportedly made a million for her appearance.

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