James Boag Creates New Musical Instrument In New Campaign

James Boag Creates New Musical Instrument In New Campaign

A world-first in technology and innovation, alcohol brand James Boag has unveiled the James Boag Meteorphonium*, a groundbreaking instrument that transforms live environmental and meteorological readings into a stunning musical symphony.

*(Pronounced ‘meet-e-or-phone-ium’)

James Boag’s Premium Lager is born of the purest ingredients from Tasmania’s rugged environment which are transformed into a smooth, refined, premium beer. The instrument, which made its debut performance from the rugged terrain of Ben Lomond National Park, was created to bring this ‘rugged to refined’ story to life by transforming the wild Tasmanian microclimate into a refined musical symphony.

Some 1.7 meters in diameter, the instrument features nine bronze singing bowls and a central ‘tongue drum’, all housed in a handcrafted Tasmanian oak frame. Data inputs from a weather station, including wind speed, humidity and atmospheric pressure stimulate the mechanical movements of the instrument to create a symphony of drumming and chiming.

Lion Brand director, Jack Mesley, explained why James Boag, who launched its brewing operation in Tasmania in 1881, masterminded a world-first in technology and music innovation;

“We wanted to bring to life our brand story in an interesting and unexpected way. Though the medium of music, we were able to showcase how James Boag draws on the rugged landscape of Tasmania to create a smooth and refined product.”

The instrument, which will respond differently to every environment, was designed by Nick Ryan, a BAFTA award winning composer, sound designer, artist and audio specialist.

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