It’s Catching On: Ad Industry Launches Campaign Debunking Dangers Of The AstraZeneca Vaccine

It’s Catching On: Ad Industry Launches Campaign Debunking Dangers Of The AstraZeneca Vaccine

Hot on the heel’s of B&T‘s Good AZ Gold Adland Challenge, Agency and industry leaders have joined forces to ‘fight fear with facts’, debunk myths about the potential risk associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine, and to encourage all Australians to get vaccinated, as soon as possible (subject to counsel from their GPs).

Two weeks ago, B&T launched the Good AZ Gold Adland Challenge and quick as a flash we reeled in 37 submissions. And just as we’re sifting through the entries and getting them ready to showcase to you, dear reader, comes this excellent news.

A fast-growing cadre of industry leaders has enthusiastically thrown their support behind today’s launch of the @TheFactsination, a creative collective of ideas to address fears and hesitancy towards the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Supporters include Dan Monheit, Rose Herceg, Jules Lund, Henry Innis, Kieran Moore, Aden Hepburn and Chris Savage.

The @TheFactsination initiative supports the open letter published last week by an alliance of prominent health experts urging Australians to get jabbed with AstraZeneca as soon as possible.

The health experts also aimed to debunk myths, confirming: we have a one in a million chance of dying from the AZ jab, and that the AZ and Pfizer vaccines have a similar profile in preventing severe disease from the Covid-19 Delta variant.

@TheFactsination spokesperson Dan Monheit said: “The risk of a fatal side effect from the AstraZeneca vaccine according to health experts is one in a million. The risk of fatality resulting from typical daily activities such as taking a bath, having sex, or walking down the street, are far greater.”

Monheit said @TheFactsination initiative has been built around an Instagram account showcasing the A to Z of ways people are more likely to die (according to internet ‘facts’) than getting an AZ jab, putting the risk into proper perspective.

“Our industry specialises in communication – so we’re calling on all agency leaders, clients, suppliers and colleagues to please help share information that puts the risk into perspective, and encourages those who can, to get vaccinated as soon as possible,” Monheit said.

@Factsination supporter Aden Hepburn said: “Our ask of the industry is super simple. Go to the Instagram account @TheFactsination and share as much as you can over the next few days across all your social channels. Ask staff and clients to do the same. Spread the word! Or create and share your own content – tag @TheFactsination so we can pick it up and repost it.”

@TheFactsination supporter Rose Herceg said: “We need to help to put the risk into perspective. There’s only one way out of this – and it’s together.

“We are a powerful industry, and we are calling on the leaders to please use the talent and influence of their teams and businesses to attack vaccine hesitancy due to misinformation. Please, join in and get this done. Share this content far and wide!”

@TheFactsination supporter Henry Innis said: “Health authorities have made it clear – the only way we will get out of lockdowns and severe restrictions, is by 80 per cent of the population being vaccinated. There is ample vaccine available, but many are refusing the AstraZeneca vaccine because of misinformation and unwarranted fear of risk.”

The @TheFactsination team will also be driving a media publicity campaign targeting key journalists, radio and TV hosts, and influencers to help ‘spread the word’ and bust the myths.

@TheFactsination supporter Kieran Moore said: “Media agencies – please, use your media influence to get the big media companies to support this. PR firms – use your contacts to spread the word. All – tap into your ‘influencer’ networks to attack these myths and misconceptions please. But most importantly, implore your colleagues and friends to separate fact from fiction.

“Together, we can actually help save lives, prevent mental health issues amongst our family, friends and colleagues, save jobs and help Australia and Australians get back to our special way of life,” Moore said.

“Huge gratitude to Good One Creative for its brilliant work on the original @TheFactsination content “The A to Z of things more likely to kill you than the AZ.”

And keep your eyes peeled as we drop all of B&T’s excellent entries over the course of this week for our Good AZ challenge.

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