It’s mobile or its over: Zuckerberg

It’s mobile or its over: Zuckerberg

If a Facebook employee met with its founder Mark Zuckerberg in the past few years and presented him with a mock-up that wasn’t done to a mobile layout then the meeting was immediately over, according to Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s vice-president of global marketing services.

Speaking at the AANA’s first instalment of its speaker series for 2014, a sell out event, held in Facebook’s Sydney office, Everson (pictured with the AANA's Sunita Gloster and Adstream's Peter Miller) said that the shift to mobile was the most important evolution in the company’s 10 year history. She said that of the platform’s 1.23 billion users, 750 million of them were now accessing it via a mobile device. And that one in every five minutes spent on a mobile device was on Facebook.

She also said that “social will go away as a term”, because “social is fundamental to everything you do”. Following on from this, she added that what mobile had added was “a huge brand building opportunity” and that people had “missed it”, because they’d been blinded by the geo location opportunities.

“Mobile Facebook has made business personal at scale,” she said.

In other news she said that we ought to start looking out for “a lot more apps” because people “want to be able to communicate in a variety ways”. She also added that autoplay video was about to be launched onto the platform.

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