Internet-Style Targeted Ads Aren’t Coming, They’re Already Here!

Internet-Style Targeted Ads Aren’t Coming, They’re Already Here!

It’s arguably the Holy Grail of TV advertising – bespoke, targeted ads direct to the consumer as he/she sits on the couch watching their favourite shows. And if an announcement this morning out of the US rings true the technology is fast becoming a reality.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that telco firm AT&T and video advertising firm Videology can now serve targeted ads to viewers based on their viewing history and demographic information.

Using Videology’s programmatic ad buying software advertisers will be be able to buy linear TV ads on a wide range of cable networks to households that subscribe to AT&T’s subscription service.

TWSJ reports that “advertisers who buy ads in the AT&T private marketplace will be able to use their own data, as well as data from various third parties, and log onto a self-serve Web interface. There, they’ll be able to purchase ads on networks that are more likely to reach specific target audiences, such as people who are likely to be in the market for a new car in the next few months, said Jason Brown, vice president of national advertising sales at AT&T AdWorks.”

Unlike traditional programmatic ads to websites that are targeted on a user’s surfing history, the AT&T ads will still need to be placed within shows ahead of time and the advertisers will need to book the ad space in advance. Another advantage, says AT&T, is that there is far more transparency in the process.

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