InStitchu reaches out to Roo poo Senator

InStitchu reaches out to Roo poo Senator

Tactical election campaigning hasn’t stopped for brands with online tailor InStitchu offering roo poo slinging would-be Senator Ricky Muir a new suit.

Muir, who is likely to gain entry to the Senate despite his Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party securing only a tiny slice of votes, recently told reporters he did not have a suit.

InStitchu is now offering the rural Victorian a new suit to help out the self-confessed “everyday Australia”.

James Wakefield, founder of Institchu, said he and fellow founder, Robin McGowan, started the business after growing tired of men in ill-fitting off-the-rack suits.

"Ricky is like most of us. He doesn't work in finance, he doesn't sit in an office cubicle. He doesn't hang out in swanky downtown bars.

"For many men, wearing a suit comes as naturally as getting up in the morning. But not everyone owns an individual suit for each day of the week. In fact, the majority of Australians would be lucky to have more than one.”

Suits are “needlessly expensive” in Australia, according to Wakefield who said stylish men often need to be prepared to shell out $1000 to find the right suit.

On InStitchu shoppers can enter their dimensions, design their suit and have it delivered to their house.

"At InStitchu, we think quality suits should be accessible to every man, so people like Ricky Muir can be ready for any occasion – whether attending a wedding, the races, or heading into parliament for the very first time,” Wakefield added.

In addition to his party’s surprising election result, Muir has also attracted attention with a serious of home videos.

In one of the videos uploaded to YouTube Muir can be seen engaging in a faeces fight throwing kangaroo poo at his brother.

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