Instagrammer With 2.5m Followers Fails To Sell 250 Items Of Clothing

Instagrammer With 2.5m Followers Fails To Sell 250 Items Of Clothing

Social media influencers flogging their own line of clothing has become somewhat of an industry trend.

But an 18-year-old Instagram influencer has had a different experience.

Arii, who has over 2.5 million followers, has been forced to pull her clothing brand, revealing in a since-deleted post that she was unable to sell more than 36 items.

“Unfortunately, the company that I’m working with goes based on your first drop sales,” she said.

“In order for them to order and make my products (even to keep working with them) I have to sell at least 36 pieces (knowing I’ve become super irrelevant, I already knew it was gonna be hard) but I was getting such good feedback that people loved it and were gonna buy it.

“No one has kept their word so now the company won’t be able to send out the orders to people who actually bought shit and it breaks my heart.”

The social media influencer also took aim at those she “thought would support me”.

“Sounds bitchy but like no shade to anyone, I’ve supported everyone’s music or whatever they’ve asked for my support on & I couldn’t even get it in return.”

She has since clarified that she, in fact, had to sell 36 items of each of her seven products, meaning she had to sell 252 pieces all up, which she described as “very hard”.

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hi 💜 as many of you seen, my brand failing on its first drop has gotten alot of buzz & i wanted to clear a few things up. first i never even sold t-shirts so i have no idea where that came from. the minimum wasn’t 36 products i had to sell, it was 36 of each product & i had 7 different products so i had to sell 252 pieces for my first drop (very hard). i’ve also never bought followers within the 4 years i’ve been on social media, every follower has been earned. overtime your fans grow out of beings fans. i never had the thought in my head that me having followers meant i was gonna sell out, i knew that wasn’t the case & i mentioned that before. i don’t need anyone’s sympathy nor am i trying to use pity to sell more next time. i shared my failure because i’ve always kept it real with my followers & i wasn’t going to hide in the shadows about this. i just wanna say thank you to those who have been nice enough to give me words of encouragement & advice instead of trolling me.🖤 this is just a lesson learned & i will work harder. i won’t give up!!! taking time to study & design better.

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