Report: Instagram Set To Have More Advertisers Than Twitter By 2017

Report: Instagram Set To Have More Advertisers Than Twitter By 2017

In more bad news for the beleaguered Twitter, its Facebook-owned competitor Instagram is set to overtake it as the more favoured ad platform says a new report out of the US.

Market research firm Emarketer has predicted a huge jump in the number of brands in the US that will use Instagram as an advertising vehicle.

The study, published on, predicted that nearly three-quarters of American firms with 100 or more employees will turn to Instagram for marketing purposes in the next 12 months — up from a little more than half this year.

Meanwhile, Twitter’s popularity as an advertising vehicle for marketers is expected to stagnate at around 66 per cent, the study found. Brands using Twitter has grown less than two per cent since 2014.

Emarketer’s results mirrored a similar recent study by RBC Capital that found an increasing number of American marketers planned to decrease spending on Twitter.

And Twitter’s loss is Instagram’s gain. The pic sharing platform has doubled the number of US advertisers in the past 12 months and now boasts over half-a-million.

Instagram’s success matches parent company Facebook that has proven itself an advertising juggernaut. However, Emarketer has suggested that Facebook may be reaching saturation point.

According to Mashable “the Emarketer report also singled out Youtube as another advertising platform for which growth is faltering, despite a predicted jump in marketers from 45.6 to 48.2 percent.”


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