Instagram Bids Farewell To Vintage Camera Logo Much To The Panic Of The Internet

Instagram Bids Farewell To Vintage Camera Logo Much To The Panic Of The Internet

Instagram has changed its logo in a full redesign of its mobile app, getting rid of its vintage camera logo and saying hello to a new, minimalist yet ultra-colourful look.

The refreshed brand identity rolled out this week, featuring the flat logos, gradient colours and a simpler, white-space style interface.

Instagram joins a string of high profile tech companies to change their spots of late, including Uber (to much criticism) and Google.

The head of design at Instagram said the new app icon is merely an extraction of the original in a refreshed format.

“As a part of our process, we also asked people at the company to draw the Instagram icon from memory in 5 seconds,” Splatter said in a blog post. “Almost all of them drew the rainbow, lens and viewfinder.”

You’ll also see updated icons for Instagram’s other creative apps, Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse.


But rather than us rabbit on, spend 55 seconds inside the minds of Instagram instead:

As for the user experience on the iOS and Android apps, the interface changes don’t include new features or filters, nor has there been a shift in where all the buttons and menu options live, merely more white space, less clutter.

“We believe the colour should come directly from the community’s photos and videos,” Splatter added. “We stripped the colour and noise from surfaces where people’s content should take centre stage.”

But it’s not striking a chord with everyone, and creative editor for AdWeek magazine Tim Nudd has already stepped out and asked, “Can we change it back?”

“It’s a very forgettable image that will get lost on people’s phones amid the thousands of other similarly uninspired designs of most tech apps.”

Twitter of course has thrown its two cents in as well. Some have been kind…

Others not so much…

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