Insights Agency FutureEQ Set To Launch In 2020

Insights Agency FutureEQ Set To Launch In 2020

New insights agency, FutureEQ has announced it will launch in Australia in 2020. As a major disruptor, it will link customer experience (CX), brand and marketing investment to the metrics executives care most about – dollars.

Aimed at solving problems experienced by leaders, the agency fuses behavioural economics with a unique method of modelling and prediction. Many in the industry have been frustrated by not being able to clearly link their investment to company performance. FutureEQ bridges this gap and takes the guess work out of strategic decision-making. Through breakthrough new methods leaders can predict the impact of strategic decisions on company performance ensuring they prioritize initiatives with the greatest return.

FutureEQ director Elisa Adams said: “This is something the market hasn’t seen before. We’ve been ideating and iterating these methods with some of Australia’s leading organisations for the last year. We are now able to predict the actual impact that different strategic initiatives have on company performance. This has provided the rigor and clarity for these businesses to prioritise strategic investment.”

FutureEQ’s solutions measure customer psychology and behavior in new ways, also addressing flaws in existing brand health and CX evaluation programs. A central focus of the agency is on proving and predicting the end goals that matter to business like revenue, market share or share of wallet. This delivers confident guidance on the ROI of brand, marketing and CX investment and which strategic levers to pull to improve it.

Two well-known industry experts head up the agency – Elisa Adams from Sprout (feature image left) and Stephen Prendergast (feature image right) from Prescience Research.  Elisa has spent her career understanding the human story, using behavioural economics, research and human centered design. Stephen (AMSRS Fellow) is a highly respected expert in the field of data modelling and advanced analytics.

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