InMobi Launches In-Game Advertising to Global Brands and Agencies

InMobi Launches In-Game Advertising to Global Brands and Agencies

InMobi, the world’s leading independent marketing cloud, has announced the launch of in-game advertising which is now available for brands across the globe to access programmatically on InMobi Exchange.

The launch of a unique in-game inventory on InMobi Exchange will enable brands to reach premium mobile users with ads that blend into the game environment, like electronic advertising boards in an in-game sports stadium, an esports arena, or the extremely popular casual and hypercasual gaming space.

InMobi Exchange has forged partnerships with every industry-leading platform in the native in-game advertising space including AdInMo, Admix, Adverty, Anzu, Bidstack, Frameplay, and Sayollo. The breadth of these partnerships means that advertisers can access this type of premium inventory across the globe at a scale and diversity unmatched by any other mobile supply-side platform today.

Commenting on the timeliness of the partnership for advertisers in the region, Richard O’Sullivan, VP and GM for ANZ said, “According to Nielsen, gaming was the number one digital entertainment activity in terms of the time spent across all Australians with over 1.8 billion hours in 2020.”

“In fact, 79 per cent of all Australians 16-64 game on a regular basis. Gaming offers brands an immersive, brand-safe environment where potential customers/ players will have their attention focused fully on the screen. This is now making players an extremely attractive, and engaged, audience for advertisers and moving gaming closer to the mainstream. By supporting these new, non-disruptive ad formats, InMobi is enabling brands to reach highly immersed users programmatically and drive strong brand recall through their campaigns.”

“In-game advertising is uniquely effective because it allows advertisers to interact with their consumers in a highly intuitive way,” said Kunal Nagpal, SVP and GM, Publisher Platforms and Exchange at InMobi (pictured).

“In-game advertising is one of these new frontiers that allow advertisers to interact with their consumers in a highly intuitive way. InMobi’s technology and unmatched mobile in-app expertise enables our global advertisers to access the highly engaged and diverse mobile gaming audience in a medium that is becoming increasingly relevant.”

“I’m excited to see that in-game advertising has been recognised as a solid media channel of its own, and the biggest players around the world have adopted a serious approach to in-game ads as a way to effectively tap into the colossal and booming gaming market,” said Yaniv Rozencweig, Director of Business Operations at

“Through our global partnership, InMobi’s brand advertisers are able to access Anzu’s exclusive inventory and reach premium gaming audiences across not only mobile, but also PC and console platforms. With Anzu offering in-game ad viewability and fraud detection audited by the industry leaders, advertisers gain even more confidence in the value of in-game advertising for their current and future campaigns.”

“We are thrilled to partner with InMobi as they make a push in the in-play space. To see one of the largest mobile in-app exchanges support this new way of advertising is a testament to the growing appetite from brands to enter gaming,” said Sam Huber, Founder of Admix.

“Leveraging Admix’s unique programmatic capabilities in-game, this partnership enables our game publishers to access InMobi’s wide range of advertisers and deliver incremental revenue.”

“InMobi has made fantastic progress towards native in-game advertising becoming an integral part of a brand’s digital media mix,” said Kristan Rivers, CEO and co-founder of AdInMo.

“InMobi’s mobile heritage and expertise is the perfect match for AdInMo’s dedicated global mobile games inventory. InMobi Exchange enables us to deliver InGamePlay brand awareness campaigns across diverse game genres so that brands can target the great diversity of mobile playing personas.”

“This news is further proof that the most exciting, largely untapped media frontier is very much open for business,” said Tobias Knutsson, CEO of Adverty.

“What’s more, both branding and performance advertising options are available, meaning that advertisers can unlock previously unreachable audiences at scale and turbocharge their marketing efforts in ways never before thought possible. With this partnership, the door is wide open for further innovation.”

“We value our partnership with InMobi as they share our vision to deliver high-quality intrinsic in-game advertising without disrupting the game,” said Jonathon Troughton CEO and Co-Founder of Frameplay.

“We especially appreciate InMobi’s ability and willingness to support Frameplay’s proprietary programmatic intrinsic in-game ad-serving capability, which requires a unique approach to programmatic to get this right.”

“With one-third of the world’s population playing mobile games for one whole day out of every work-week, the potential for in-game brand exposure is astronomical. As with the roadside billboards of yore prominently positioned in busy thoroughfares, today’s advertisers know that in order to maximise reach, brands need not only an online presence, but a prominent position in the mobile gaming world,” said Yonatan Attias, CEO of Sayollo.

“We are totally stoked to partner with InMobi as pioneers in this futuristic technology and give our publishers more valuable ways to monetise their content.”

“Gaming is rapidly becoming the forum to engage, entertain and relax as the race for attention evolves. Seven in ten (72 per cent) Australians play some form of video or mobile games. Amongst those aged 18 to 34, this ‘jumps to 88 per cent. In-game advertisement involves placing ads in the virtual environment of a game. This has numerous advantages for all stakeholders and represents a major monetisation channel for developers. The growth trajectory in Australia unlocks opportunity and scale with hyper growth forecasted,” concluded Indy Khabra, Co-founder and CEO, Livewire Group International.


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