How To Influence People To Love What You’re Selling: Jules Lund

How To Influence People To Love What You’re Selling: Jules Lund

“People influence people,” said TRIBE founder Jules Lund, chatting to the 250-strong crowd at Travel DAZE last week. And in terms of marketing and getting your customer’s attention, he says it “all comes down to how much you influence those people”.

“Why do we still use actors in advertising?” he asked. “We don’t know them, we don’t trust them – therefore they hold very little influence over our purchasing.

“We have an opportunity ahead of us and it’s time to recalibrate the industry.

“You’d be amazed how often we talk in referrals,” Lund continued.

“Whether it’s ‘You’d love this wine’, or ‘Have you seen Game of Thrones’, or ‘Have you been to Messina?’”

Lund said a “global media revolution” occurs about every 50 years, meaning we’re at the forefront of a game-changing era.

“We are quite fatigued of advertising,” Lund said. “Whether it’s a pop up ad or other forms.

“Last year there were 200 million downloads of ad blockers. It’s the issue around pre roll ads that follows another pre roll. Not only are brands losing trust with their audience, they’re irritating them!

“You have to ask yourself, are we balancing it out with what the message is once we’ve stolen consumer’s attention? “As far as I see, it comes down to this: we are all consumers and we are all creators.

“There’s no greater endorsement than picking up something and buying it with your own money.

“Look at the iPhone 6 campaign of the ‘shot on iPhone’ photos. Think about the amount of pictures in your photos that actually celebrate your favourite brands.

“Instagram launched four years ago, and converted 400 million people to not only capture their favourite moments but to share them with each other. And Snapchat will start a whole new generation of video producers.

“Advertisers are buckling under the pressure of producing all these ads themselves. A few years ago, you only had to produce a handful of ads and visual assets, while now, when brands own numerous channels, you have to update these every few days.

“We’re in that content crisis where we just grab advertising ad or billboard and shove it into a social space. But we have a growing audience and we have advertisers willing to spend money to reach them, so why are we in a content crisis?”

Lund said it comes down to what he believes is the newest trend to rock the boat: citizen marketing.

“Who better to create content that users will love than the users themselves? Citizen marketing thrives on social media not socialite media.

“Technology took a while to catch up, but now it’s enabled you to empower your consumers to become creators, so you can pay them to create content that celebrates your brand and share this with people who trust them.

“There’s no reason why you’d be in an environment where you don’t have enough content.

“This is the future of marketing in every category, especially travel, because it’s so beautifully visual and there’s an inspiration that encourages users to create. It’s now more economical to fill a campaign with real people than it is to fill a campaign with actors,” Lund concluded.


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