Industry Still Has Media Quality Hurdles, Says Integral Ad Science Report

Industry Still Has Media Quality Hurdles, Says Integral Ad Science Report

Integral Ad Science has released its Q3 2015 Media Quality Report based on insights collected from the hundreds of billions of impressions Integral analyses each quarter.

The report indicates a static ecosystem with most quality metrics staying steady, including display viewability, and only slight movements in others, such as a minor decrease in video viewability, both per the MRC standard.

Despite the industry’s frequent discussions surrounding the issues presented by non viewable ads, Integral’s latest report finds viewability only improved slightly in Q3. Compared to last quarter, display viewability in Australia only increased to 42.2 per cent, a difference of only 1.4 per cent, and video viewability dropped five points to 32 per cent this quarter.

Integral Ad Science MD for Australia and New Zealand James Diamond said, “Media Quality has been a hot topic in Australia this year but everyone has agreed that this has been a year of transition in which the focus has been on measuring, learning and resetting expectations. Given that, it’s not surprising that these results are not significantly different from the last quarter.

“It’s concerning that viewability is lower in Australia than any other country we currently measure in this report. Other markets have adapted and now trade on viewable impressions but some publishers in Australia are still treating viewability as a threat instead of an opportunity.

“Some major Australian publishers have always been slow to act. They were slow to move to digital, slow to adopt programmatic and now they are slowly addressing media quality. As a result the buy side is setting the agenda.

“More pressure from advertisers will help the ecosystem to evolve faster. Some agencies are taking a proactive approach while others are choosing the path of least resistance. Advertisers need to partner closely with their agency to ensure that the decisions being made are in their best interest or partner directly with an independent media quality vendor to fully understand how their marketing budget is being spent.”

Brand risk, determined by the safety of the environment of ads, made little movement as well. Both brand risk for display and video ads scarcely moved, with display up to 17 per cent compared to 14 per cent last quarter and video with a slight decrease of roughly 0.5 per cent.

“Integral is dedicated to improving the health and quality of digital advertising across the industry,” Integral Ad Science CEO Scott Knoll said. “This quarter’s lack of significant change in viewability as well as brand risk is a bit surprising.. Integral will continue to do everything we can to help the industry through extensive research and providing the best data-rich and transparent resources to our customers and partners.”

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