Impress Your Boss With All Your Knowledge Of Ad Tech!

Impress Your Boss With All Your Knowledge Of Ad Tech!

When it comes to advertising technology, it’s easy to become bogged down in all the acronyms, the lingo, and the vast array of offerings out there.

Which is why we at B&T teamed up with the Association of Data-Driven Advertising (ADMA) and digital intelligence blog Which50 to pull together our very own Almanac, with all you need to know about ad tech.

We have serialised the Almanac in each issue of our mag (turn your latest copy upside down and read from the back).

The latest instalment is all about social analytics and web analytics – so you can splurge out fact after fact about all things data to impress your clients and boss, but also so you actually understand what the hell is going on.

Check it out below and behold all your ad tech dreams will come true. If you can’t see the below, click here for the almanac.

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