Poorly Timed Coles Lamb Ad During MasterChef Vegan Episode Confuses Viewers

Poorly Timed Coles Lamb Ad During MasterChef Vegan Episode Confuses Viewers

Wednesday night’s MasterChef episode left viewers confused for a number of reasons – from a non-vegan vegan chef featuring on the show to a poorly timed Coles’ ad for lamb.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to air their bewilderment and upset after a guest judge on the show, owner of Melbourne vegan restaurant Smith & Daughters Shannon Martinez, revealed she isn’t even vegan.

Judge Melissa Leong was the one who spilled the beans, which prompted Martinez to admit she was not vegan.

“No, I’m not [vegan],” she said. “Shock, horror.”

She added: “But I think that lends itself to sort of why I make the food that I make, you know?”

“I’m coming at vegan food from a non-vegan perspective, I guess. Understanding mouth feel, textures, flavours.”

However, not everyone agreed, with some MasterChef viewers calling out the chef’s choice to eat meat yet specialise in vegan cooking.

One person tweeted: “It really unsettles me that the owner of Smith & Daughters isn’t vegan.”

Meanwhile, an ill-timed Curtis Stone lamb ad for Coles caused viewers to call out the ironic placement of the ad, considering the entire episode was centred around vegan cuisine.

One person tweeted: “Got to love #MasterChefAU playing a Coles lamb ad as a part of their Masterchef partnership during the vegan challenge…”

“@masterchefau – lets do a VEGAN episode! @Coles – LAMB RACKS, JUICY LAMB RACK ADS,” posted another.

One said the ad placement was a bit insensitive: “Lamb ads by Coles during this episode seem a bit insensitive.”

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