IAB to ditch ‘misleading’ monthly UB metric

IAB to ditch ‘misleading’ monthly UB metric

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has stamped an expiry date on the Monthly Unique Broswer (UB) metric with the “increasingly inaccurate” and “misleading” metric to be retired next year.

The IAB has issued a notice of intent to the industry that the metric will be replaced on February 1 2013 with a people-based metric Unique Audience (UA).

Nielsen will therefore stop using the Monthly UB metric within its Market Intelligence (MI) product where the top five publishers often claim a higher number of Monthly UBs than the number of total online Australians.

Gai Le Roy, IAB Australia’s director of research, said the Monthly UB metric is being retired as it is no longer matches the active online population or total population.

““The Monthly UB metric has been used in the Australian market for more than 15 years but now that it no longer equals a person, it has outlived its usefulness as a proxy for monthly visitation to website figures and should not be used,” Le Roy said.

There are now more than 90 million Monthly UBs in Australia, which the IAB said outnumbered “the actual human online population by a factor of more than five”.

“As an industry we are looking for more accurate and meaningful data and it’s clear that the Monthly UB metric is become increasingly inaccurate, less useful and even misleading,” Le Roy added.

“Indeed with the proliferation of devices and browsers in use by consumers, the disparity between browsers and actual people will only accelerate.”

The Average Daily UB metric will still be used as the IAB said the measure is in line with the active online population.

The decision to drop Monthly UBs has been supported by the MFA and AANA.

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