IAB Launches Best Practice Handbook For Data Use

IAB Launches Best Practice Handbook For Data Use

IAB Australia has launched a Digital Data Best Practice Handbook for publishers, agencies and marketers which provides an introduction and assessment of the benefits of first, second and third party digital data for businesses.

The Handbook which was produced by IAB Australia’s Technology Council, also provides the foundations for a best-practice and privacy-led framework related to data usage.

The Digital Data Best Practice Handbook can be downloaded from the IAB Australia website.

The Handbook covers some of the core basics around data, including the different types of data available, how best to collect, store and manage that data, its advantages when used to inform creative design and marketing campaigns, and acquiring the right skills within your organisation to deal with data most effectively.  Also included in the book is a section on 10 basic questions that businesses should ask potential vendors related to data collection, storage, management, usage and privacy.  

Jonas Jaanimagi, IAB executive consultant and co-chair of the IAB Technology Council commented: “The amount of data available and its usage is ever increasing, so it can be overwhelming when looking to incorporate a digital strategy around data,” said Jaanimagi. “Having a simple plan around what you and your business intends to achieve by being more data-driven is critical, whether you are a publisher, marketer or agency. Then assessing your options and engaging suitable partners, or internal resources, to enable you to execute upon that strategy is the practical next step – and we have tried to structure the Handbook accordingly.” 

“Consumers are on their mobiles, tablets & laptops daily and they are expecting more seamless and personalized experiences.  This all starts with small data not big data,” said IAB CEO Vijay Solanki.  “Start to make sense of what you have and start to join the dots.  Test and learn then move on.  Look for insights and act upon them.  This book should help with that journey.” 

IAB Technology Council members that contributed to the handbook are:

  • Cat Prestipino, AdRoll
  • Tim Sleath, Exponential
  • Ayaan Mohamud, Sizmek
  • Rhys Williams, Google
  • Dylan McBride, AppNexus
  • Jonas Jaanimagi, IAB Australia

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