Huzzah! All The Winners & Runners Up From The 2020 Snapchat Young Lions Australia Competition

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The Misfits Media Company, official Australian representative of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, has announced the winners and runners up from this year’s Young Lions competition after a cracking digital awards ceremony on Thursday afternoon. 

The four winning teams across marketing, digital, film and media categories of this year’s Young Lions Competition were chosen out of 20 finalist teams who completed the second round of the competition in late August. Four runners up teams were also announced. 

For the second round of the competition, the idea was to replicate the competition that takes place in France at the Cannes Lions Festival. 

Young Lions Australia teamed up with charity partner, VICHealth, to deliver a brief, with the teams then having just 24 hours (and 48 hours for Film finalists) to come up with their responses.

They then presented their response the following day to a panel of judges in just 10 minutes with 10 minutes allocated to questions from the jury. 

The judges were absolutely blown away with the calibre of the responses. Sadly, however, as with competitions, not everyone can win. And in this case, there were only four winning teams. 

So without further ado, here are the amazing winners and runners up of the 2020 Snapchat Young Lions Australia Competition. Congratulations to all finalists as well.

And, a hearty thanks to sponsors of the event: Snapchat, The Real Media Collective, The Trade Desk, Unilever, Stocksy, and Creative Products Enterprises. 

Marketing – Winner

Annabel Brusasco, IAG Marketing Specialist

Brittany Riordan, IAG Marketing Consultant

Marketing – Runner Up

Cindy Tan, Capital Labs Growth Marketing Manager

Shernese Chee, Commonwealth Bank of Australia Marketing Manager

Digital – Winner

Rubini Gunaratnam, M&C Saatchi Copywriter

Jardin Anderson, Freelance Art Director

Digital – Runner Up

Julian Hartley, BWM Dentsu Copywriter

Rob Gordon, BWM Dentsu Art Director

Film – Winner

Jack Elliott, Wunderman Thompson Creative

Lachlan Newham, Wunderman Thompson Creative

Film – Runner Up

Lizzie Wood, The Monkeys Copywriter

Joe Harris, The Monkeys Strategist

Media – Winner

Summer Treseder, Initiative Partnerships Associate

John Ryan, Initiative Partnerships Associate

Media – Runner Up

Lily Nielsen, Wavemaker Senior Digital and Social Manager

Amanda Thomsen, Wavemaker Senior Performance Executive

And of course, a massive thanks to our sponsors!


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