How Well A Being Are You? Holler Creates Blackmores Wellbeing Test To Find Out

How Well A Being Are You? Holler Creates Blackmores Wellbeing Test To Find Out

Taking Blackmores’ ‘Be a Wellbeing’ campaign into the New Year, digital agency Holler Australia has kicked things off with a fun online survey to measure the holistic wellbeing of Aussies.

The Blackmores Wellbeing Check focuses on all aspects of your health – physical, mental and emotional – with a series of questions used to generate your very own ‘wellbeing score’.

Holler designed the survey alongside naturopaths to incorporate simplistic, gesture-based responses rather than typical tick boxes and type fields, using WebGL and physics simulators to visualise the outcome of each questions.

“The first step to Be a Well Being is not getting stressed or confused about how to get there,” Holler creative director Cyril Louis said. “That’s why we’ve designed the Blackmores Wellbeing Check to be as playful and intuitive as possible.”

Launching at the Blackmores Wellbeing Oasis during the Aussie Open, the survey is accessible from any internet-connected device.

“The Australian Open is a world-class event that reflects our own commitment to improving the wellbeing of all Australians: it’s a unique opportunity to share the philosophy of Blackmores with the whole nation.”

Every person that completes the check will be given tidbits of into about which areas of health they should work on, and in line with The Monkeys’ ‘I will be’ campaign, participants will be encouraged to share their 2016 statements of intent, beginning with the phrase ‘I will be…’.

You can take the Wellbeing Check here.

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