How To Survive The B&T Awards Ceremony

How To Survive The B&T Awards Ceremony

With the B&T Awards fast approaching, they can often be a rather messy event, hence why we’ve put it on a Friday this year.

Which is why you need to buy tickets right now.

With the presence of free booze, competitor agencies and the wit of the Chaser Boys in the room, we at B&T have devised a list of how to survive the award ceremony.

In drinking

  • Stay slightly less pissed than the boss. Unless you’re the boss yourself, in which case grab the bottle
  • If you think you’re going to win, don’t get sloshed until after your ceremony
  • Your future employees could be in the room, don’t make an utter tit of yourself
  • Eat. Don’t skimp on your meal as this fast leads to fallen over people trying to keep the sick in
  • Don’t vomit

In your acceptance speech (if you nab the big one)

  • Prepare a speech, but say it like it’s off the cuff
  • Don’t make in jokes no one else will get
  • Only be funny if you actually are funny
  • But don’t out-funny the Chaser boys
  • Make sure the person who accepts the award is actually comfortable with public speaking
  • If you do win, be humble and try not to have a long-winded acceptance speech

If you don’t win

  • Don’t boo or heckle
  • Don’t rage at the judges
  • Sort out your gracious not-winning face
  • Congratulate the winner

In general

  • Don’t lose your trophy if you win one
  • Take lots of photos to remember the night/gloat to your friends the next day
  • Be sociable. If you don’t know anyone else who’s going, vow to make at least two new friends that night
  • Remember to wear pants

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