Do You Understand Millennials? Take The B&T Quiz To Find Out Now

Do You Understand Millennials? Take The B&T Quiz To Find Out Now
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B&T and Daze of Disruption’s Millennial quiz  – published for the first time Last Friday went viral and ended up in the schoolyards of Australia, where the 12 Plus demographic seems to be  failing the test like their old Millennial cousins – IT is apparently too tough for Millennials and they’ve all been failing badly.

If you want to find how Millennial you are,  or if you aren’t actually Millennial, how ‘young you think’, take the quiz, click here. Apparently the actual Millennials doing the quiz are averaging somewhere around 59 per cent, which would make them about 42-45 years of age. According to the test, to be a real Millennial, or to be capable of understanding Millennials, you need to be in the 60-plus per cent range. A score in the nineties means you should start your own tech company. However, an average score of 52 per cent only just puts you into a band which advises:


Depending on where your score sits in this range, you are going to need just a little help to a fair bit of help adapting to the way a Millennial thinks and acts.  If you’re an actual Millennial (ie, between 16-35), this is maybe going to be a bit embarrassing. You need to hang out with your own age group a bit more perhaps? If you’ve  scored in the low range of this band, you’re a manager and you’re over 34,  this could be a serious problem. OK, but experience counts for something right? Wrong. Millennials truly don’t give a toss about your experience. Unless you can ‘relate’ to them on their terms, you’re going to find yourself in a varying states of anxiety at work. Still, it could be worse.  If you’re not a manager and you’re  over 34 you’re in even deeper shit because the freakin 24 year old is  your now your boss and she doesn’t give a crap about your value set and thinks you’re pretty weird. Lets not even get into gender and Millennials vs non Millennials. Get some help, quick.

Whoever developed the quiz doesn’t seem to have that good a grip on how Millennials actually do think. With about 60 tests completed so far, Millennials are averaging only 59 per cent and no one has scored High Millennial, which is a score of over 80 per cent (We are calling this Category Twotennial, someone who reaches adulthood around 2010). No one in the B&T or Daze of Disruption team would admit to who actually researched and developed the quiz, however a yellow post it note appeared on the editors desk after he got back from getting a coffee at 10am on Friday morning reading: “Hey ed, the quiz was meticulously researched using ‘the internet’ and in particular Wikipedia, as original sources. How Millennial is that mate! We also got advice from a well branded organisational culture group which we were going to acknowledge but we’ll leave that alone for now. I don’t know what’s happening, although I will admit that a 53 year old was involved in developing the questions.” The author of the sticky note went on to explain  (it was one of those really big yellow sticky notes and the writing was small), “at least the Millennials are on average scoring the highest of any of the age groups. I think we just  got the results banding wrong. We’ll check it later today”. Check out what your scores mean below.

Over 60%

Congratulations .You can or do think young! In fact, your profile is high Millennial.  This means you are either a true Millennial or you have reasonable capability of understanding what the crap a Millennial is actually thinking and why. That’s going to be very useful given that Millennials are your likely major emerging customer set in business or you are going to have to work with them as a manager or be managed by one sooner or later.Nice work. Have a cup cake.


You aren’t what we’d call a hopeless case, but you’re the closest thing to it. You need to think very carefully about how you are going to navigate the next few years when its going to be dominated by Millennials – customers,  managers, start-up founders….its going to be like biblical…a plague of locusts (Millennials). To get yourself in tune, go back and do the test a few times and do a few others on the web. – if your’e in the least bit interested that is. Learn their ways. Learn how to think like them. You don’t have to be them, but you’ll need to be able to understand why they are thinking the way they are and how to relate to them. Or,  retire to a fish and chip shop. If you are actually a Millennial and you scored in this band, sorry, we can’t help you here.

Below 40%

Ok, you’re possibly one of the few num nuts who actually answered that they could do without the internet. Don’t feel too bad. The 1960s was a great time….if you were white,male  and middle class , that is. And you probably fit that profile. Dream on. And when you stop dreaming, get a grip on yourself, your vinyl record collection (that you’ve had since you were 10) slap yourself around a bit, and go and get someone to help you . Start with some basic training in technology.  You might think you’re cute, but cute and unemployed don’t usually go together. Use the Code PROBABLYSCREWED and see how much of discount you get at the next DAZE of Disruption conference if you feel you’re ready to mix with the crowd you’re going to need to understand better.

BTW, I’ve met a few ‘captains of industry’ who score in this realm and pass if off as something a little bit too flippant. Well, at least they did the test. I think we can safely say however, that if someone refers to you as a ‘captain of industry’, you are probably male, over 55, white, digitally illiterate, very experienced in things that don’t matter that much any more and especially don’t in the next few years, and possibly even a bit pompous. Which you can probably afford to be. But if you want to get back into it, and do good work, do something about your score! You aren’t in the game. B&T and Daze of Disruption are providing one 50% discount voucher to the DAZE forum in May at the Belvoir St Theatre and one season ticket to the Belvoir, for the first two Millennials to actually score over 80% in the test. Over 35s need not apply, although feel free to do the test and see how you score at ‘Thinking Young’. Click here to do the test. Click here to buy a ticket to Daze of Disruption.

Note from Moderator: That Millennials keep failing to attain a Millennial score should tell us something about the questions. We’ve gone back and looked but its all according to the research (though the research is heavily Americanised). The more alert will have noticed we have reduced the result bands over the days in order to fit the demographics in. But we are totally baffled why no one can get a score even over 80%! Let alone 90% which was the original Millennial target. Its possible. We’ve got the answers…. Anyway, if you get over 80% we’ve created a new demographic for you: ‘Twotennial’, which is a super Millennial who is reaching adult around 2010 not 2000 per the Millennials.

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