How Do You Market A Spamburger Let Alone Eat One?

How Do You Market A Spamburger Let Alone Eat One?

Canned meat doesn’t exactly scream ‘get in my mouth right now’ and yet hoards of people have already flocked to the not yet open café, Bloody Mary’s, in Sydney.

Bloody Mary’s has on its menu a spamburger. A burger with Spam inside.

The café has yet to launch – it’s launching Saturday – and already the word-of-mouth earned media has taken owner Cinta Rockey by surprise. “A lot of people have already seen it on social media and are buying it. It’s going a bit mental here,” she told B&T.

“There is a community of Spam lovers around. A lot of American, Philippine and Hawaiian people who can’t get enough of the stuff.

“I guess no one has been brave enough to use it in Australia. Of course many are just curious too.”



However, a marketing and advertising push for the burger, and the brand’s plethora of other interesting dishes such as guacamole with bagel crisps, is definitely on the cards. Rockey said the team has partnered with boutique communications agency Agency G to help promote the café.

“In terms of marketing, I think that will come in the next couple of weeks and I’m sure we’ll be able to do specials and that sort of thing later on down the track,” she said.

“It’s been in discussions. We didn’t realise this particular food item was going to take off!”

The reaction of the Spamburger so far? “They love it!” said Rockey, mentioning a group of guys had already come into the café pre-launch asking for the Spamburger.

“It’s just a bit of fun,” she added. “People do want to have fun with food, I’m not trying to be restaurant-y here, it’s more of a relaxed style café vibe.

“It’s quite a novelty.”


The cafe.


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