How An Australian App Grew Programmatic Revenue 33% With A Diverse Ad Tech Stack

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As the saying goes, never put all your eggs in one basket. This is as applicable to programmatic monetisation for app developers as it is for any other aspect of life.

Being overly reliant on just one ad tech stack for monetisation can be risky, especially when that ad tech stack isn’t known for offering full transparency. For app developers, maintaining a healthy and diverse advertising revenue stream is essential for long term success.

That’s why when advertising technology solutions provider Publift was looking for ways to improve the programmatic monetisation for one of its app partners – they were keen to explore Prebid-based header bidding.

As early adopters of prebid-based header bidding, Publift is well-versed in the host benefits enjoyed by publishers that utilise this technology.

Publift has its own Prebid-based wrapper for web, but for the app in question – one of Australia’s most popular weather apps – it needed a mobile-specific solution.

It didn’t have to look far. PubMatic’s lightweight mobile SDK – OpenWrap SDK is based on Prebid and seamlessly enables multiple demand sources through server-side header technology.

The combination of a lightweight SDK and cloud-based demand partner management allowed Publift to quickly and easily add incremental demand sources for the app developer. And, in just one month, they were seeing dramatic improvements in programmatic monetisation – a 33 per cent lift in overall programmatic revenue.

PubMatic’s OpenWrap SDK significantly outperformed the existing demand integrations for the app – delivering higher average eCPMs than the other SSP integration, the proprietary integration and the mediation layer.

This goes to show that, just like sensible carriers of proverbial eggs, app developers shouldn’t bet the house on just one demand partner tech stack. Publift didn’t and their app developer reaped the benefits.

To find out more, check out the case study here.

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