Hot Dogs Become The Lockdown Food Of Choice As Frankfurter Sales Soar 127%

Hot Dogs Become The Lockdown Food Of Choice As Frankfurter Sales Soar 127%

In further proof humankind is using the global pandemic and lockdown for evil not good comes news out of the States that the humble hot dog appears to be Americans’ go-to home isolation meal of choice.

According to data from analytics firm IRI, for the week ending March 15, hot dog sales were up 123 per cent compared to the same week last year. They soared 127 per cent in the week ending March 22.

IRI admitted that a lot of the increase in sales was initially due to hoarding, however, sales are still markedly up year on year.

Since the pandemic started in March, sales have been at least 29 per cent higher every week compared to the same week in 2019.

According to the founder of market research firm 210 Analytics, Anne-Marie Roerink, the reason for hot dogs’ popularity is their ease and convenience and it’s a food choice kids never turn their nose up at.

“There are those instances where mum and dad want something for dinner that kids may not like,” Roerink told Business Insider.

“As easy, versatile, protein-filled, and kid-friendly solutions, that’s where hot dogs come in. They make for a quick lunch with some fruit on the side. Or a beloved dinner for the kids while the parents have sushi,” she said.

Think this all going to lead to more fat Americans and heart disease? Well, apparently not.

Proving there’s now data on just about everything, American home scale maker Withings examined data from 450,000 of its internet-connected users.

The data revealed that for March to April the average American gained just 0.21 pounds or about 95 grams of extra weight. That said, over a third of respondents (37 per cent) gained over a pound (or just shy of half a kilo).





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