Hire An Agency Or Teach Your Marketing Team?

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Not all brands hook up with a creative agency for their advertising needs. Carly Rogowski, chief marketing and sales officer, Think Education Group, said for the brand’s latest campaign they didn’t hire an agency.

“This is purely in-house, despite my team wanting to have an advertising agency,” she told B&T.

“We’ve got a really creative team. We didn’t work with a specific agency.”

The campaign is called the Greatest Degree on Earth, which launched last week with ambassador and Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice.

The campaign gives young people the chance to win an incredible degree in either the hospitality, design, health or business industries.

The media plan was worked out by media agency Atomic212. Previous and future work around the creative will be conducted with creative agency Banjo, however for this particular campaign Rogowski didn’t believe they needed one.

“We had a lot of ideas about what we wanted to do and a lot of materials, and once our designer Matty…came up with the design work we really said ‘actually we don’t really need an agency on this one’,” she said.

“I think in this day and age, it’s a fine line between having total reliance on agencies versus building in-house skills. I like to pretty much do both – have a great in-house team we can rely on and use agencies where we have the gaps in the team.”

She also noted that as “no one is really watching ads anymore” the brand, Think Education Group, is pushing past the traditional forms of advertising to brand partnerships and user generated content.

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