Human Centipede 3 Reminded Us Of These Horrifying Ads

Photographed in Thailand. Centipede (Arthropod/Uniramia/Chilopoda), whole length about 5 inches.

In light of the film that joined people together via the digestive tract, The Human Centipede, announcing a release of a third part, we thought it fitting to have a look at some ad campaigns that have brought a similar feeling of distraught and disgust to viewers.

Enjoy with caution. Seriously though, some of these ads are quite graphic and disturbing.


In 2012 Finnish charity, Fragile Childhood, released a one minute spot called ‘Monsters’. The campaign exemplified how children can view their parents after the mums and dads have had a few drinks.

Learn for Life

Stay in school, otherwise you will be killed, is the message behind this disturbing spot. Filmmaker Henry Ingles told at the time the ad is “playing on those idealised commercials of people breaking free from their confines. We completely reverse that”.


This was a campaign encouraging women to ‘manproof’ their cars for fear of what the guys may be doing in the vehicles.


Every parent’s nightmare comes true in this cute cartoon advert for butter. But at least the butter was only used for toast.

Northern Ireland’s Road Safety

Car ads get more and more traumatic, particularly in this anti-speeding ad in Northern Ireland. The spot was deemed pretty damn heavy and could only be shown after 9pm.

Burlington Socks

Murder, incest, nakedness and offensive language are all things you associate with socks right?

Organ Donation

The Scottish government wanted to push people to donate their organs, and released this spot. It avoided a ban, but received a number of complaints, says The Guardian.

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