Heinz Hires Ex-Bachie Contestant & Stage-Five Clinger Jarrod Woodgate To Launch Pasta Sauce Range

Heinz Hires Ex-Bachie Contestant & Stage-Five Clinger Jarrod Woodgate To Launch Pasta Sauce Range

Australia’s clingiest guy, Jarrod Woodgate, has been enlisted to spread the word that there is such a thing as “the good kind of clingy” to launch the all-new Heinz pasta sauce range.

The former Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelorette Australia contestant who was dubbed by many as a stage-five-clinger is showing the world that being clingy can be a good thing, coming in many marvellous forms, such as a sauce that clings to your pasta.

Heinz’s new Pasta Sauce is thick, rich and designed to cling to your pasta, making sure that you are draining your pasta and not your sauce when it comes time to cook.

The new range comes in six flavours: Tomato & Garlic Bolognese, Tomato & Basil, Creamy Carbonara, Tomato & Spicy Capsicum, Four Cheese Lasagne, and Tomato & Pesto Lasagne.

Woodgate believes it is our human nature to cling to things that make us happy and, as the ‘King of Cling’, is encouraging Aussies to be fearless in their pursuit of happiness and take the plunge to cook for someone they care about.

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“Being clingy has gotten a bad rap over the years, with a lot of people thinking that it is uncool to display your true feelings,” he said.

“However, I know from experience that being clingy doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s worked in my favour with Keira!

“I think it’s important to have confidence and let someone know you care. There’s nothing wrong with being polite, showing you are interested and holding open the door for a lady,”

Woodgate admitted that pasta has been a go-to dish for him when trying to impress love interests in the past.

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“When I was younger and I had my first girlfriend, I used to always cook her a carbonara and it would never disappoint,” he said.

“I love the cream, mushrooms, bacon and garlic, so cooking with Heinz’s Creamy Carbonara sauce was a delicious throwback and reminded me of some of the meals I would make to try and impress the ladies.”

To give Australians some expert advice and weigh in on all things clingy, Jarrod is calling out to all Aussies to dish out their clingy stories to the Heinz Australia Facebook page.

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